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                       UpDated Report (03-Feb-2000)
                   - Calling All ProBoard PEX Writers -
                         FeedBack from PEX Writers
                        Prepared By: Frank Robbins

  Sarah & Faye Pearson (03-Feb-2000)  
Date sent:      	Thu, 3 Feb 2000 23:36:38 +0000
From:           	Sarah Pearson <>
Subject:        	PEXs problems

>I went to the and saw a message "down for maint"
>so I looked up your domain and found this email address.

Sorry for the delaty, I dont often check the mailbox you
sent the mail to.

>This info has some reference to your past PB software
>if you might be interested. I will not be forwarding any other
>email to you about ProBoard.

We no longer have the source to any of our pexs so couldnt correct
any possible problems.


Sarah Pearson

  Tom Laermans (27-Jan-2000)  
Date sent:      	Thu, 27 Jan 2000 18:40:11 +0100
From:           	SiDEWiNDER <>
Subject:        	Re: A Call to ALL PEX Writers Past & Present

 At 20:53 21-01-00 , you wrote: 
Update For List: PB Programmers 

All participants in this effort will be given PUBLIC credit for their

Working pexes:
EnterPrompt #2 v1.0 by Tom Laermans
EnterPrompt #4 v1.0 by Tom Laermans
LastCaller v0.99 by Tom Laermans
EasyWelcome v1.0 by Tom Laermans
Searcher v1.01 by Tom Laermans 

Broken PEXes Identified This Reporting Period -
...none reported (New Working PEXes have been  reported)

Contributors to this List
Ed Arenz 
Eddie van Loon 
Jean-Michel Dossogne 
Jim McDermott 
John Anderson 
Philip Lozier 
Ray Gould 
Tom Barstow 
See? I'm STILL not there

Thanks goes out to the Contributors of this listing! 8-)) 

No Problem 
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Website: - ICQ# 12120754 
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  Gilles Hemberg (22-Jan-2000)  
Date sent:      	22 Jan 00 10:25:24 MET
From:           	Gilles Hemberg <>
Subject:        	Re: [A Call to ALL PEX Writers Past & Present]

Hey Frank,

Well, I never wrote any PEX, only EXE's. The EXE's I wrote
should, AFAIK, all be Y2K compatible because I foresaw this
problem since about 1992 when I first started writing programs.

The only trouble is my EXE's were written in Pascal and Pascal
programs have a bug on fast machines (division by zero) and my
more recent EXE's have a built-in protection preventing people
from altering the code. Therefore it is impossible to run a
patch on my programs...

THNX for sending this to me anyway,

e-mail+beeper (urgent mails):
e-mail inbox:
GSM: 0476/655841

  Ruben Provoost (22-Jan-2000)  
From:           	"Ruben Provoost" <>
Date sent:      	Sat, 22 Jan 2000 20:42:27 +0000
Subject:        	Re: Your Software
Priority:       	normal

> I forwarded some email to you at:
>      Ruben Provoost <>

Hmmm... I don't even know if I have access to that mail account 
anymore. My current email address is, and 
it should stay like that for some time since it's a cable 
connection and I'm not about to go back to a modem...

> Suppose this will be your new homepage?

Well, the one at wanadoo is the most recent one, but as soon as I 
have my Linux machine back (it's on loan to the company I work for at the
moment) I'll probably host something myself.

> Also, I know normally not to send email to your work below:
>    Ruben Provoost <>

That's the correct address, and you can send mail there if it's 
within reasonable limits. 

> I want to make sure you get the forwarded email concerning your
> software!

I've read your reports in the Fido echoes, and I also got some 
reports from a Belgian sysop. But I haven't had the time to check 
anything myself yet. Today I had my first BBS user in 2000, it's been
really quiet...

 ,,,oooOOOooo,,,     _______     Ruben Provoost  [JMJ]
    ~~~~~~~~~  ~~::. ~~~~;;~          USS Aurora
       LLaP        ~~~~~~~

  Branislav Slantchev (21-Jan-2000)  
Send reply to:  	<>
From:           	"Branislav L. Slantchev" <>
To:             	<>
Subject:        	RE: A Call to ALL PEX Writers Past & Present
Date sent:      	Fri, 21 Jan 2000 21:21:02 -0500


All the programs I ever wrote for PB included the source code in
separate packages. If you don't have them (and PB-Lib, which is
even more useful to PEX programmers), I can upload them to some
server of your choice (they are just too big to email).


  Eddie van Loon (14-Jan-2000)  
Date sent:      	Fri, 14 Jan 2000 01:56:56 +0100
From:           	Eddie van Loon <>
Subject:        	Hi Frank :-)

Hi there ...

I was looking today for the fidonet mail area's when i stumbled
in to your pages. It hit me by surprise to see that there actually
is a new beta released of proboard. I'm not interrested since i
don't feel like paying for a bugfix, if it where a new release
with lots of functions okay, but now ....

But that's not the reason of this mail ..

I read your buglist of proboard pexes and saw that Prostat was
mentioned (2.10 as rubbish and 2.40 as minor bugged version).
So i said to myself, what the heck get out the ghost image try
to install it partially on an older pc, try to get it working
and when it finally worked i forgot how it was supposed to work
:-) But after fondling for an hour it all came back to me , and
see you have the premiere Prostat 2000 v2.51 with (afaik) all
the datefields changed and fixed.

If you could be so kind to get it distributed through filenets
and or the web. since i lost most of my connections to the
proboard scene.

I will try to repair reported bugs (Willem will afaik not
participate anymore) but i will not be able to release the
pexes for 2.20 simply because i refuse to pay for PB like i
stated earlier :-)

Okay here it comes , tested it at my place and worked as supposed


Date sent:      	Fri, 14 Jan 2000 18:24:18 +0100
From:           	Eddie van Loon <>
To:             	Frank Robbins <>
Subject:        	Re: Hi Frank :-)

Hi Frank ... found another pex with a minor bug ..

1 Armed Jack has a bug in the log display portion.

It has been fixed, here ya go

same question for this pex ....
will ya do the distributing amongst the few in need :-)

                   UpDated Report (21-January-2000)
                 - Calling All ProBoard PEX Writers -
                      Prepared By: Frank Robbins

Date sent:      	Fri, 21 Jan 2000 13:53:57 -0800
To:             	ALL ProBoard PEX Writers
Organization:   	PB Early Warning System - PBEWS
Subject:        	A Call to ALL PEX Writers Past & Present

Update For List: PB Programmers

This is a one time request being sent out to about 100 active
and inactive ProBoard PEX Writers asking for them to review
this REPORT below and to do a one-time Y2K test on their
released PEXes that are not identified as yet in this REPORT.

Some of you may not have heard about this effort!
It is being done as an independent work effort by remaining
ProBoard SysOps and PEX Writers in an attempt to keep 
ProBoard alive for a few more years!

If you have elected not to participate in this final ProBoard
PEX effort, please let me know so the REPORT can reflect your

If you would like to release your source code to your PEXes
as FREEWARE if you are no longer interested in PEX writing
or ProBoard, I am collecting the code for an active online
PEX Writers area on my website so active PB developers can use
the code for writing new PEXes or update any source code that
displays a Y2K error! If you still have a copy of your source,
this would be the time to consider releasing it.

The PUBLIC beta v2.20 will expire on 01-March-2000. After this
date, any problems with the ProBoard SDK will become harder to
correct. We are trying to fix any SDK problems before that date
if any are found!

This is the first and last RELEASE by TeleGrafix Communications
who purchased the rights to ProBoard on 18-Nov-1998.

Downloading and additional info for beta v2.20 are found at:

These FollowUP REPORTS are sent to:
Fido: ProBoard Echo
ProBoard Mailing List (join at
NewsGroups -
 alt.bbs,, alt.bbs.allsysop, alt.bbs.allsysup,
 alt.bbs.internet, alt.bbs.proboard, be.misc, comp.bbs.misc,
 fido.belg.bbsadv, fido.belg.fra.soft, fido.belg.proboard,

Those Who Transferred Development Rights to Another
Alain Schellinck --> Constantin Spiess @ The Dealer's BBS (Germany)
Constantin can no longer be found.

Wolfgang Hommel --> Ronald Glaeser @ HardBox II BBS (Germany)
Ronald not responding to emails.
If you have transferred your software to someone else to maintain,
please indicate who that person is/was please!

All participants in this effort will be given PUBLIC credit for
their efforts!

Thank you! 8-))
   Using the ProBoard Early Warning System designed by Frank Robbins
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                   UpDated Report (06-January-2000)
                 - Calling All ProBoard PEX Writers -
                      Prepared By: Frank Robbins

Since TeleGrafix has updated v2.20 of the ProBoard SDK, concerned
PEX Writers may be challenged with insuring that Y2000 developed
PEXes will compile correctly from this v2.20 of the SDK before the
BETA cycle expires and thus needed/required fixes to v2.20 of the
SDK will become harder to add to this last/final release of ProBoard.

Can we afford to miss this "window of opportunity", namely during
the active BETA cycle? 8-((

This concern also applies to the BROKEN PEXes resulting from the
rollover which have created a unique problem since some of the
original authors have left PEX development/ProBoard! If these
retired authors did not release their source code to these now
BROKEN PEXes and are not able to be contacted or decline to
"get involved", some PEXes will simply die the Y2K death, never
to be used again!

This effort to revive BROKEN PEXes that are worth FIXING will
probably be the LAST major effort in ProBoard history that so
many are once again called upon for their expertise!

The updated v2.20 SDK needs some rigorous compiling of PEXes to
test its code for correct operation. This might be the time for
PEX Writers to clean the dust from their backed-up source code
and fire up that old compiler and recompile their programs under
the last SDK that will ever be developed by TeleGrafix!

The final SDK has to be bug-free before this current BETA cycle
ends since there will be NO other chance to have changes
incorporated into its final release!

The ProBoard PEX Writers are a unique crowd of programmers
spending hours after hours testing, fixing, improving their
code so the ProBoard SysOp can easily install their creation
making any BBS perform much better than stock software!

The question is - How any PEX Writers, both past and present
will be up to this challenge? Let's hope many will once again
show their many talents in programming/fixing PEXes! 8-))

As the list of WORKING and BROKEN PEXes continue being
updated, shortly there will be enough information collected
to determines what PEXes are really BROKEN due to the rollover!

Here is a collection of the different PEX Libraries. Just how
many of them are Y2K compliant today? How many of them are
still used today?

Additional information will be released about each of these
libraries after contacting the original library authors!

Please email me any information that you may have about
these libraries that should be known to all!

If anyone else has information about other libraries that
should be included here, please email me!

All contributing parties will be given credit for their efforts!

Libraries for Compiling PEXEs (not part of Compiler)
ACL (Animation Compiler) v3.1
by Branislav Slantchev (20-Feb-1997)
Silicon Creations, Inc.
Manage the new ACL datasets for programs like
Enginez and similar.

by Sarah & Faye Pearson (09-Jan-1996)
Fe-line Software (left ProBoard)
email adress - withheld upon request
website address - withheld upon request
Make your own PEXes & EXEs DOING Compatible.

MBH  v0.1
by Moir Brandts Honk (10-Jul-1994)
Moir Brandts Honk
Direct derivative of PB v2.01 SDK and replacement
for the ProBoard SDK with additional features.

PB-Library v3.0
by Branislav Slantchev (13-Apr-1997)
Silicon Creations, Inc.
Compile PEXes and EXEs from the same source code
with many additional features

PB Programming Tools v1.0
by Edwin Groothuis (17-Sep-1994)
Additional tools for PEX writing.

PB RIP-library for Programmers v1.0
by Edwin Groothuis (25-Aug-1994)
Add RIPscrip support to your PEXes.

ProBoard SDK v2.20
by TeleGrafix Communications Inc.
Comes shipped with ProBoard. (updated for Y2000)
                           [end of listing]

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