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                       FollowUp 7 - (01-Feb-2000)
                  - Working & Broken PEXes for Y2K -
                      Prepared By: Frank Robbins

A special thanks to Tom Laermans <>
* Origin: ProBoard Rules ;-) (2.16.y2K+) (2:292/624.10)
for making a special effort in sending updates to me! 8-))

A sneak preview of collected info before the next report is
released can be previewed all all times at:

To read special Y2K feedback from the ProBoard PEX Writers, try:

Report History:
Sat, 22-Jan-2000 - report 06
Fri, 21-Jan-2000 - report 05
Sun, 16-Jan-2000 - report 04
Sat, 15-Jan-2000 - report 03
Fri, 14-Jan-2000 - report 02
Tue, 04-Jan-2000 - report 01

... = updated info

Y2K PEX Fixes This Reporting Period -
none reported

Broken PEXes Identified This Reporting Period -
...JMJLine v2.20 - Ruben Provoost
...Stellar Cartography v1.20 - Ruben Provoost

UpDated Working & Broken PEXes for Y2K
This compiled listing of reported PEXes that
are still working after the Y2000 rollover and
also those PEXes which exhibit major or minor
defects in proper operation. All testing is done
using the PUBLIC Release of ProBoard v2.20 beta only!

Only ProBoard EXecutables are identified here
which were compiled with the ProBoard SDK
library or an EXE that is for ProBoard only!

DROP file doors which are NOT PEXes will NOT
be reported here and is beyond the scope of
this reporting effort. Incorrect information
will be removed from this listing.

If there is no version number supplied by the
author, it will be set to v1.00 on this list!

An updated listing will be released more
frequently as information is reported to me!

Please realize that there may be mistakes made
on everyone's part as info is reported here.

If you have a correction for this information
or would like to ADD more PEXes to this listing,
or have comments about this effort,
please contact me at:

Contributors to this List
Ed Arenz <>
Eddie van Loon <>
Jean-Michel Dossogne <>
Jim McDermott <>
John Anderson <>
Philip Lozier <>
Ray Gould <>
Tom Barstow <>
...Tom Laermans <>

If you have any info to complete the areas
below which have question marks, please
email it to me! 

PEX Name - PEX Author - ZIP Name
One Armed Jack v1.30 PEX - Eddie van Loon (Y2K release) -

ProStat v2.51 PEX - by Eddie van Loon (Y2K release) -

Files Hatched via the DDSBBS - 
DDS Miscellaneous BBS Software/Utilities
in the United States and not hatched via
the inactive US TGPBN system!

Some of these sites use lowercase for the
file name and some use UPPERCASE. Please note!

DownLoad Site Locations -
Europe - Belgium ----
Oceania - Australia -
USA - California ----
USA - California ----
USA - Kentucky ------
USA - Oregon --------
USA - Virginia ------

PEX Name - PEX Author
Afinder v1.00 - Gregory & Gil Gulick
Areachange v1.00 - Arthur Stark
Auquest v1.61a - Peter Bos
AutoAdd v1.01 PEX - Sarah & Faye Pearson (in SetArea PEX archive)
BBSList v1.00 - Matthew Jenkins
Birthday v1.10 - Eddie van Loon & Willem Weghorst
BulletinManager v.1.16 - Branislav Slantchev
Combadge v1.60 - Ruben Provoost
Cursory v3.40a - Jens Rathmann
DD_News v0.02 - Magnus Nyvall
...DuckHunt v1.00 - Christof Leroux
Dupcheck v1.2B6 - Eddie van Loon & Willem Weghorst
...EasyWelcome v1.00 - Tom Laermans
...Egokill v1.00 PEX - Ruben Provoost
...EnterPrompt#2 v1.00 - Tom Laermans
...EnterPrompt#4 v1.00 - Tom Laermans
EtherealFilebaseEditor v1.00 - Alvin Brinson
EtherealUserEditor v3.00 - Alvin Brinson
Farlogon v3.00 PEX - Jacques Theys
FastLogon v1.00 PEX - Steve Watson
Fe-lineLocal v1.01 - Sarah & Faye Pearson
Gatekeeper v1.00 PEX - L-X Productions
HomePager v1.00 - Wolfgang Hommel
Horserace v1.10 PEX - Olivier Debonne
JEFDOS v1.20 EXE - Ruben Provoost
Klondike v1.b3 PEX - Sarah & Faye Pearson
...LastCaller v0.99 - Tom Laermans
LastCallers v1.00 - Eric DeLaet
Lotto v1.00 - Jack Harlan
Masken v1.00 PEX - Richard Lithvall
...MegaMove v1.00 - Eric Delaet
Minesweeper v1.00 PEX - Edwin Groothuis
MultiKeywordSearch v1.10 PEX - Eddie van Loon & Willem Weghorst
NewFilesCheck v1.10 PEX - Phil Ward
OneArmedJack v1.30 PEX - Eddie van Loon (Y2K release)
OpinionWriter v2.02 PEX - Alain Schellinck
PageHours v1.02 - Nic Boie
PBNewFiles v1.00 - Gregory & Gil Gulick
PBStats v4.00 - Phil Ward

PBTextViewer v?.?? - By Who?

PitaGraffiti Wall v1.88 - Gary Blankenship & Greg Miller
PitaQuotes v1.41 - Gary Blankenship & Greg Miller

PitaDeepThoughts v?.?? - Gary Blankenship & Greg Miller

Poker v1.10 - Olivier Debonne
ProBBS-Lister v1.10 - Johan Roselaar
ProPexUserSetup v1.01 - Darren Bacon
ProStat v2.51 PEX - by Eddie van Loon (Y2K release)
RunIt v1.00 - XTReMe CReW
...Searcher v1.01 - Tom Laermans
SelaPEX series v1.10 PEX - Ruben Provoost
SetArea v1.02 PEX - Sarah & Faye Pearson
Tetris v1.00 PEX - Ruben Provoost
TheBank v2.10 - Alain Schellinck
TheBulletinManager v2.00 - Phil Ward
TheCouch v1.00 - Eddie van Loon
TheDoorManager v4.10 - Phil Ward
TheLastCaller v3.01 - Eddie van Loon & Willem Weghorst
TheMin v2.10 - Ruben Provoost
Trojka v3.00 PEX - Edwin Groothuis
UserConfig v.3.00 - Phil Ward
VooDoo v.3.10 - Ruben Provoost
VoteForMe v1.20 - Ruben Provoost
WheelofTorture v1.00 PEX - Ruben Provoost

Minor Defects - Still Working PEXes
BirthChk v1.40 PEX - Sarah & Faye Pearson
Works fine for the number of days,
but date is displayed as ?/?/100

...JMJLine v2.20 - Ruben Provoost
...Shows: 'Number of taglines written since 09.01.100'
...'Written on 09.01.100 by SiDEWiNDER'

Listerz v2.00 PEX - Branislav Slantchev
Any files after Y2K display as ?/?/100 in the listing,
while the internal PB listing will show the correct two
digit (00) extension.

Oneliner v?.?? (1995 tag wall) - By Who?
Gives wrong date, year 100 instead of 00.

Pedit v2.70 EXE - James Padgett
Cosmetic - in the top were the date read and date recvd,
needs to be moved over a couple characters to the left.
With the display of four digit year, it wraps to the next line. 

...Stellar Cartography v1.20 - Ruben Provoost
...Shows 'Added on: 09.01.100' instead of
...'Added on: 09.01.00' or 'Added on: 09.01.2000'

Twintag v2.01 - Ronald Glaeser
Defaults to 2 digit date in newfiles scan
reporting /10 as the year.

Major Defects - SHOW STOPPER PEXes
...none reported

...none reported
[end of listing]

Thanks goes out to the Contributors of this listing! 8-))
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